GESS Sleek Blackhead Vacuum Remover with Camera

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GESS Sleek Blackhead Vacuum Remover with Camera GESS-145

GESS Sleek is a cleansing device with a built-in camera for pore cleansing, blackhead suction, and microdermabrasion at home. The vacuum remover is used to dislodge and remove the collection of dead skin cells, sebum, and dirt that clog pores. The suction tool is equipped with a microcamera. Using your smartphone, you can see a detailed picture of your skin during the procedure, thoroughly clean the pores, and remove blackheads on the problem areas. Just install the application and enjoy the procedure!                             

There are 4 replaceable probes for various purpose:

  • Microcrystalline probe will gently massage your skin and exfoliate dead skin cells. It can be used on the face (avoiding eye area), and on dry rough skin areas (elbows, knees, ankles).
  • Round probe with a big diameter is perfect for blackhead removal, acne treatment, and skin tightening. It promotes lymph and blood circulation, rejuvenates the skin.
  • Round probe with a small diameter is used for pore cleansing around the eyes and other sensitive areas of the skin. Put it directly on the blackhead in order to remove it.
  • Oval probe provides an anti-aging effect. It is designed for the tightening massage of the area around the eyes, nose, and mouth corners. The probe stimulates microcirculation and prevents wrinkles appearance. 

You can switch between 6 intensity levels depending on the skin area and inflammatory condition.

Choose the tip you need and enjoy the procedure of exfoliation, skin smoothing, acne, and comedone extraction, blackhead removal, and fine lines tightening. There is no need to worry about pain and discomfort, as the procedure is completely painless and gentle!

Before the procedure remove makeup and clean your face. It is recommended to steam the face for opening pores before the procedure. 

Step 1. Apply special pore opening serum or gel on the problem areas for better absorption.
Step 2. Choose the probe depending on the type of procedure. Using Sleek Suction Device remove all the dirt out of the skin. Do not massage the same spot for more than 30 seconds to avoid edema appearance. 
Step 3. After the procedure clean the face and apply calming cream or mask.

We suggest keeping a diary and taking photos of your skin before, during, and after the course of procedures to track the results! 

In order to charge the blackhead remover use the original charging stand and USB cable that come in a set. It takes 2 hours to fully charge.

Sleek Cleanser is a part of the GESS Expert Collection. Scan the QR-code on the package and get access to the exclusive video tutorials. You will see how to install the application and do the procedures effectively at home. You can test the device for originality: visit and enter the serial number of your device for verification.

Complete set:
1x Blackhead remover, 4x Replaceable Probes, 1x USB Cable, 1x Charging Stand, 1x User Manual, 1x App Installation Card, 1x Warranty Card.

Brand: GESS
Article: GESS-145
Output voltage, V: 5B-0,5A
Power, W: 5
Net / gross weight, g: 150/400
Box size, cm: 13,5x21x5,3

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