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GESS Black Nail Electric Manicure Set

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GESS Black Nail Electric Manicure Set GESS-645

Black Nail is a nail drill set for manicure and pedicure at home. The device is perfect for feet and hand nail skincare. There are 6 interchangeable tips and 6 sanding belts with different grit levels in a set. The rotation speed can be regulated from 3 000 to 15 000 rotations per minute. The ergonomic design makes it possible to use the device on toenails as well. It gently and effectively trims your cuticles, removes ingrown toenails, and helps to keep your nails shiny and neat. The manicure set operates from the mains

Diamond tips are considered to be the most durable and effective ones. They help to grind, cut, carve and remove gel polish and cuticles due to the tiniest grains of diamond dust inside. There are sanding belts in a set with different grain levels (80, 120 and 180 grit). The lower the abrasiveness number, the rougher the nozzle. 

Manicure and pedicure at home:

Step 1. Before the procedure clean your hands and deoil your nails. 

Step 2. Turn on the device. Press the ON/OFF button. Choose and install a nozzle depending on what stage you are now:

  • Filing of free edge and treatment of rough skin. Use a medium cylindrical diamond nozzle
  • Processing of nail wall during manicure and pedicure, alignment, and grinding of the nail plate. Use a big cylindrical diamond nozzle.
  • Cuticles removal and skin softening around the nails. Use a diamond cone-shaped nozzle.
  • Nail design, preparation of the nail for studs installation, filing the skin around the nail plate. Use diamond cylindrical pointed "bullet" nozzle.
  • Treatment of nail walls during manicure and pedicure. Use a flame-shaped diamond nozzle.

Step 3. Apply nail polish. 

Step 4. Sand the skin after the procedure. There are 6 sanding belts in a set with different grain levels (80, 120, and 180 grit). The lower the abrasiveness number, the rougher the nozzle. There is a special attachment for sanding belts.

Step 5. Apply cream or oil to moisture nails and hands.

We suggest keeping a diary and taking photos of your nail before and after each manicure procedure to track your nail care and design improvements!



Brand: GESS
Article: GESS-645
Bolsters diameter, mm: 2,4
Max Rotation speed, rpm: 14000
Min Rotation speed, rpm: 3000
Voltage, V: 3/220 europlug (for UK adapter is included)
Power, W: 18
Package size, cm: 21 х 9,5 х 5,5
Net weight, g: 200

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