GESS Sfera Microcurrent Massager

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Cordless microcurrent therapy device for facelift procedures at home. It will improve skin tone, reduce puffiness, smooth fine lines, and tighten the contour of your face.

  • Due to the increased diameter of the electrodes (3 cm), the procedure with GESS Sfera will be more effective.
  • The intensity mode (1-4) can be selected individually. 


Technical specifications:

Power Supply: Battery
Rated supply voltage, V: 3,7
Battery rated power, W*h: 0,925
Pulse frequency, Hz: 32
Electrode voltage, V: 1,8 – 2
Current strength, mkA. Pulse current:
min mode - from 13 to 101 mkA
max mode - from 13 to 115 mkA
Impact intensity modes: 4
Charger: USB
Full charging duration, h: 2
Operating time, h: 5
Auto timer, minutes: 10
Net/gross weight, g: 148/300
Package size, mm: 155 х 95 х 46


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