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GESS Liyan Agate Gua Sha Facial Tool

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Natural agate Gua Sha tool is perfect for facial and body massage. Due to its unique form, it can be used on face, neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, and feet. Specially designed combs enhance the massage effect.

Gua sha technique involves scraping the skin to improve circulation, reduce puffiness, and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This massage increases microcirculation, improving blood flow to deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to the treated area The massager can lift mouth corners, define cheekbones, tighten facial contours, and improve muscle tone.

The massager is made from 100% real stone. Agate is wonderful for balancing the mind, body, and spirit, aiding in slowing down and centering oneself. Its calming energy is believed to alleviate stress, anxiety, and inner tensions, promoting a more relaxed state of being.

The massage tool is suitable for various skin types, including dry, oily, combination, and sensitive skin.

To perform a Gua sha massage, follow these steps:

  1. Remove makeup and cleanse your face thoroughly.
  2. Apply a facial oil, serum, or moisturizer to create a smooth surface for the Gua sha tool to glide over.
  3. Hold the tool at a comfortable angle against your skin. Begin with gentle pressure. Use gentle, upward strokes in one direction. Each stroke should be repeated 3-5 times.
  4. Work on different areas of your face, such as the forehead, cheeks, jawline, and neck. Be extra gentle around the delicate eye area.
  5. After the massage, cleanse your face to remove any excess oil or product.

The Gua Sha tool is an ideal gift, packaged in a colored box with a fabric bag for storage included. Please note that each Gua sha stone is unique and may differ slightly from the main picture due to its natural origin. No two stones are alike.

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