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GESS MT Microcurrent facial massager

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GESS MT Device for Microcurrent Therapy

The portable cosmetic face-lift device will help you do microcurrent procedures at home. Face and neck massager conducts low voltage electric discharge into the skin and therefore improves the skin look and its structure. Comparing with collagen masks, it affects not only the upper layer of the skin but also deeper layers for more intense results. By penetrating deeper into the tissue, microcurrents cause muscles to contract. Therefore, blood flow improves and natural collagen production stimulates.

There are 5 modes of microcurrent intensity. We recommend starting with the lowest mode to avoid any discomfort and gradually increase the power. You can feel a light tingling sensation, which means that a microcurrent has been released into your body. 


A convenient control panel is located directly on the body of the device, which allows you to adjust the pulse power. The device will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of operation.

As a result, you will get:

  • Face lifting, facial contours tightening
  • Excellent lymphatic drainage effect
  • Fresh skin tone
  • Rejuvenation effect
  • Pore construction
  • Wrinkles and fine lines reduction

We recommended using a gel as a conductor for better results.

The microcurrent device MT is easy and convenient to use. It is cordless, battery operated (not included). The device runs on AAA batteries, it is convenient to keep the device on a special support stand. Output voltage for every mode is: 1 -7,4; 2- 10,6; 3 — 12,4; 4- 15,2; 5-18,2 V.

The device is designed for face and neck skincare. It is not recommended to use the device for other purposes.

Complete set: 1 x MT device, 1 x support stand, 1 x user manual.

Brand: GESS
Article: GESS-135
Maximum operating voltage, V: 18
Operating current, mA: 3-80
Auto power off, min: 15
Package size, cm: 26.2 x 5.5 x 8.5

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