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OMAK Dual Electric Under Blanket with Two Controls 140x170 cm

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High-quality soft under blanket with two heating zones. It will warm you in the cold nights, help to relax after a long busy day and bring a wonderful sense of comfort. The size 120x50 cm is suitable for two people.

The electric blanket is equipped with two convenient controllers. The heating blanket offers 2 temperature settings, allowing you to customize the desired temperature for both heating zones. The heated blanket should not be wrinkled or folded when in use.

The under blanket can be cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth. The product is not washable.

The package includes: 1x Electric Blanket, 1x Controller, 1x User Manual

Technical specifications:
Brand: OMAK
Country of origin: Turkey
SKU: 14130
Size: 140x170 cm
Color: white
Resistence: 2x755 OHM
Operating voltage: 220-230 V AC / 50 Hz Class II
Power: 2x35/70 Watt
Current: 2x0.304 Amper

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