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GESS Mio EMS Body Sculpting Massager

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GESS MIO is a body massager for keeping your skin tightened and elastic. The device offers 3 modes: EMS therapy, vibromassage, heating. All three modes can be enabled at once or alternated.

The massager tightens your skin, reduces excess body fat and prevents the cellulite appearance.

The device is designed for use on the whole body (waist, hips, legs, arms, head, neck, shoulders, feet). You can also use the massage as a comb for hair. The device improves hair growth and reduces itching on the scalp.

  • EMS Therapy (9 intensity modes). Low-frequency impulse contractions trains muscles and tone them up.
  • Vibromassage (3 intensity modes) enhances blood flow and burns fat, preventing the appearance of cellulite. Vibrations reduce muscle soreness after exercise and improve flexibility.
  • Heating (3 intensity modes) enhances the effect of the treatment, helps to warm up stiff muscles, relieve muscle tension and pain.

As a result:

  • The skin becomes firm, toned and elastic;
  • Body fat is reduced;
  • The production of collagen in the skin is stimulated;
  • Scars and stretch marks are getting smoothed;
  • Swelling is reduced

Technical specifications:

Source of power: battery (rechargeable)
Battery capacity, mAh: 2000
Rated voltage, V: 3,7
Power, W: 7,4
Types of impact: Vibromassage, EMS, Heat
Number of exposure intensity levels: Vibromassage — 3, EMS — 9, Heat — 9
Current strength, μA: 250
Pulse frequency, Hz: 190 (variable)
Electrode voltage, V: 3–13,3
Impact power, W: 1,8–3,3
Heat, t°C: 47–60 °C
Charger: usb
Full charge time, h: 4
Time of continuous work, h: 1
Auto power off, min: 20
Moisture protection: IPX5
Net / gross weight, g: 250/460
Material: ABS
Packing size, mm: 114 х 170 х 114

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