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GESS Kragen Shiatsu Massager

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KRAGEN Manual Massager

The convenient and functional massager is designed for kneading massage of the neck and shoulder, back, waist, hips, and even for acupuncture foot massage.  8 massager nodes will work together to knead and relieve aches, knots, and muscle tension. The back and shoulder massager has clockwise and anticlockwise rotation. The special U form of the manual massager allows it to fit tightly to the body and act deeply and effectively. You can regulate the intensity of massage using the elongated handles. The heating function enhances the massage effect, soothes muscle soreness, and promotes blood circulation.

Cozy and professional type of Massage

8 massage nodes rotate naturally and change direction (every 1 minute) to vividly mimic real massage movements for bidirectional shiatsu massage with deep tissue kneading, which effectively relieves stiff muscles on the shoulders and neck. It can be used with or without infrared heating massage.

Easy Control

Use the remote control in order to turn on and turn off the massager, activate the heating function, and change the rotation direction.

Integrated timer

You do not need to watch the time - Kragen handheld massager has an automatic timer that turns off the device after 15 minutes. 

Enjoy the benefits of a professional neck and shoulder massager in the comfort of your home, car, or office every day!

GESS Kragen Manual Massager is suitable for those people, who:
-  Lead a sedentary lifestyle
-  Physically active person who needs to relieve muscle pain
-  Spend a lot of time at a desk or computer or you are an office worker
-  Tired of insomnia
-  Had a long and busy day
-  Middle-aged or elderly person
-  Just want to take a minute and relax after a long and busy day

Package Includes:

1 x Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Car Adapter
1 x Warranty Card
1 x User Manual

Technical information:

Article: Gess-012
Voltage, V: 12
Power, W : 24
Rated working time, min : 20
Size, mm: 412 x 182 x 195 mm
Gross weight, kg: 2,03
Net weight, kg: 1,70
Car adapter: Yes

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