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EcoSapiens Linen Heated Underblanket

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Linen is a soft and cozy electric bedsheet for your rest and comfortable sleep. Infrared heating is produced by carbon fibre that gently warms up and relaxes muscles. Therefore, the electric bedsheet has low power consumption and high heating power.

The bedsheet is equipped with a convenient controller. There are 3 heating modes and an automatic shutdown function for your safety. The material is soft, nice and pleasant. The size is 150x90 cm is perfect for one person.

The top layer is made from 100% cotton, the bottom side is made from fleecy material that prevents gliding. The bedsheet can be used as a electric blanket or underblanket, electric mattress pad. 

It is important to know that Infrared heating heats up the body or subjects but not the air. It is necessary to touch the bedsheet in order to feel the heating.

The pad is designed in Tallinn, Estonia and manufactured in Riga, Latvia.

Technical specifications:

Brand: EcoSapiens
SKU: S279 E
Color: grey
Number of temperature modes: 3
Automatic shut-off timer: yes, 480/240/60 minutes
Weight: ±0,9 kg
Material: 100% cotton
Size: 150x90 cm

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