Über uns

GESS – Beauty and health products and gadgets created together with experts.

GESS Devices allow you to conveniently take care of health and beauty and not to spend too much time and effort. Our products easily fit into everyday life. It happens sometimes that you barely notice their presence but the quality of life improves significantly.

To make it real key experts from GESS Company share their experience and knowledge. It is not enough to buy a product, you need to know how to use it effectively and correctly.

GESS MARKET is a digital company that promotes GESS products and also several partner brands. All brands are offered on Gessmarket.com and united by common values and the tendency to make people’s life more effective and brighter by applying modern technologies.

Our company was founded by several enthusiasts in Düsseldorf in 2005. Today GESS MARKET is an international holding company with offices and warehouses all over the world.

We have different development strategies in every country. They are based on what is important to our customers. In China, the primary focus is on massage devices. This country has the widest range of massagers. In Russia, the focus is on online education. GESS Academy project was launched on Instagram. In Europe we decided to mostly sell online, keeping some showrooms and development centers. We are trying to be closer to our customers and that is why we choose not only international marketplaces (Amazon, eBay) but also local online stores. Therefore, a customer can learn more about products in their language and get a purchase soon with low-price delivery.

We are always glad to help you!