GESS Flex Set fitness bands

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Set of bright fitness bands for those who want to tone the muscles, lose weight and have a tight body.

5 different resistance levels for fitness training:

Yellow - X-light (1-2 kg)
Pink - light (3-4 kg)
Blue - medium (5-7 kg)
Purple - heavy (7.5-9 kg)
Black - X-heavy (10-12 kg)

How do they work?

The bands provide continuous resistance throughout a movement. They are portable and can be adapted to most workouts.

Main benefits:

  • Full body workout. Use one or several bands at the same time in order to regulate the level of resistance. Train your ABS, arms, legs and buttocks with Flex Set.
  • Made of high-quality latex. Due to this, bands do not slip or roll during training and tightly fit your body. The optimal size 5x0.5x35.5 cm prevents the bands from tearing.
  • Convenient storage. Store the bands in the bag (included) and take them anywhere - to the studio, park or on holiday. Even the shortest workout can be more effective with Flex set.

It is not necessary to go to the gym now - with Flex Set, you can work out anywhere at any time! 

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