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Asana Yoga Roller will help you to relieve muscle tension and pain, reduce next day soreness and speed up recovery after a tough training session. Asana roller can work out muscle tightness, soreness and knots you may feel in your muscles. Daily exercises with the Roller can increase tissue elasticity and reduce the risk of sprains and other injuries.

Simple and effective. Put Asana roller on the floor and press it down with your body weight, slowly roll over it, creating pressure on the muscles. Thus, tension can be relieved from the muscles of the back, legs, arms and even neck.

Textured surface creates an acupuncture effect when performing exercises. Asana roller is made of high quality EVA foam. It is eco-friendly and high density material. This non-toxic foam will not break down or cause your skin any irritations while using.

Ideal for beginners and experienced athletes. Use Asana roller for yoga training, pilates or fitness exercises It is suitable for isometric exercises and static stretching as well.

Whole body exercise. The Asana massage roller has an optimal diameter for the whole body exercise. It is great for the back, legs, calves, hips, buttocks and arms. It is recommended to use the roller for painful trigger points (muscle knots) after workout. Regular exercise can tighten skin, prevent cellulite and improve the posture.

Always at hand. Asana roller is lightweight and portable. With the dimensions 45 x 15 cm, the Asana roller can be easily taken anywhere and used in the park, gym or in the studio.

Main benefits:

• Perfect for athletes of any experience
• Warms up muscles before workout and cools down after
• Improves blood circulation
• Increases muscle elasticity and thus reduces risk of injury
• Optimal size 45 x 15 cm
• Textured surface
• High quality Eva foam
• Improves the posture
• Reduces cellulite

• Accelerates muscle recovery
• Relieves muscle pain

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