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GESS AQUA PRO Water Flosser with 8 Multifunctional Tips

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GESS Aqua Pro Water Flosser, Gess-707

Aqua Pro is a stationary water flosser for effective cleaning and dental care of the whole family. It has 8 multi-purpose tips and 10 water pressure settings. Nozzles are conveniently stored in the lid above the water tank. The capacious water reservoir 650 ml. The irrigator automatically shuts off after a 3-minute work cycle.

The on/off switch on the handle makes it easier to control the water flow. The handle can be rotated 360 degrees for better movement around crowns, dental implants, bridges, braces, and holders.

Dental tips:

  • Three standard tips for the whole family
  • Periodontal for periodontal pockets cleaning
  • Orthodontic to clean the area under brackets
  • Rotating for cleansing gingival crevices
  • Dental to remove the dental patch
  • Scraper - to remove plaque from the tongue

Why GESS Aqua Pro?

  • 8 multi-purpose tips
  • 10 water pressure settings
  • 650 ml capacious water reservoir
  • A place for tips storage at the top of the flosser
  • 360 degrees rotation nozzle
  • Temporary stop button
  • Mains-operated

Why GESS Aqua Pro is a good solution if you:

  • are looking for an extremely safe and effective way to flush out bacteria and other toxins trapped underneath the gum line
  • want to remove food particles
  • wish to improve bad breath
  • reduce the incidence of gum bleeding

Model: Aqua PRO
Article: GESS-707
Voltage, V / Hz: 100-240 / 50-60
Power, W / A: 12 / 1.5
Package size, mm: 155 x 135 x 215
Gross weight, kg: 0.9

Stationary irrigator, pcs: 1
Standard header, pcs: 3
Periodontal header, pcs: 1
Orthodontic header, pcs: 1
Dental plaque removing header, pcs: 1
Tongue cleaning header, pcs: 1
Rotating header for teeth cleaning, pcs: 1
Warranty certificate, pcs: 1

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