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EcoSapiens Hunter Heated Vest

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Light heated vest with infrared heating is suitable for men and women. It is perfect for any occasion if comfort is highly important for you. Infrared heating is produced by carbon fibre that gently warms you up. You should use a Power Bank with a capacity of at least 10,000 mAh for correct operation. The electric vest has 3 heating cables in the shoulder and back area for optimal heat distribution (40-55 degrees). Automatic shutoff after 3.5-8 hours, simple control by 1 hidden button. The heated vest is made of water-resistant material (100% polyester). Machine wash is allowed at a temperature up to 30 degrees.

Technical specifications:

Brand: EcoSapiens
SKU: S316
Color: grey
Size: 44-56
Package size: 20*36*14 cm
Material: polyester fiber

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