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GESS Rolfing Full Body Massage Chair (Beige)

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GESS Rolfing Full Body Massage Chair GESS-792

Premium massage chair for people of any body type. Innovative massage mechanism with 3D rollers, 5 automatic massage programs, and 5 roller massage modes. With the Rolfing massage chair you can choose the massage of the whole body or separate body parts - neck and shoulders, hands, thighs and buttocks, calves, legs, feet.

5 automatic massage programs: Recovery, Pain Relief, Stretch, Relax, Refresh

5 roller massage modes. Roller massage relieves muscle pain and pressure, accelerates the process of muscle recovery. It is possible to choose a massage zone or massage the entire back simultaneously.

The heating function prepares muscles for the massage session. Massage with a gentle warm-up of the lumbar region is effective when you have back pain.

The intelligent body contour scanning system adjusts the massage mechanism to suit your body type. You do not have to adjust the width of the massage rollers and the depth of the impact. The mechanism will do everything for you.

The air-compression system of 32 massage bags improves blood and lymph circulation, normalizes metabolic processes in the body, and promotes the elimination of toxins.

The stretching mode works out lower legs and shoulders with massage cushions and gently stretches the spine. This mode is suitable for those who spend a lot of time at a desk or experience dynamic stress in the back area.

Zero gravity. When this function is chosen, the body is put in a horizontal position. Due to this, the pressure for the spine and joints is minimum.

Complex foot massage. Reflexive foot massage technique. Roller massagein combination with air compression relieves fatigueand improves blood circulation.

Remote control. Set massage mode and area, speed, intensity level, heating function, and choose backrest, legrest, or Zero gravity position.

L-shaped massage carriage. Massage zone covers not only the upper and lower back, but the hips and buttocks area as well. It makes the chair suitable for people up to 195 cm.


Technical specifications:
Article: GESS-792
Voltage, V: 220-240
Power, W: 200
NW/GW, kg: Massage Chair 118/161
Parts of massage chair: Main part: 83/113
Armrest: 18/28
Footrests: 17/20
Packing size, mm: Main part: 1510x745x1000 mm
Armrests: 1130x420x860 mm
Footrests: 530 x 445 x 540 mm (L x W x H)
Upholstery material: Polyurethane
Body material: steel

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