EcoSapiens Electric Infrared Heating Blanket (150x180 cm)

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Create a cosy atmosphere with a modern and bright electric blanket by Russian Brand EcoSapiens! It will warm you up in the cold evenings, gently relax muscles and bring a sense of comfort to the house! The blanket is equipped with a convenient remote control that can be removed if washing is needed (hand wash is allowed). There are 3 heating modes: low - 18° (±5°), medium 45° (±5°), high 55° (±5°). It is important to know that Infrared heating implies warming up the body or subjects but not the air. It is necessary to touch the blanket in order to feel the warmth. Due to the infrared heating function, the heated blanket has low power consumption and high heating power. There is an automatic shutdown function for your safety. It is a timer built in the remote control. It will work after 360 minutes of use. Do not worry about unplugging the blanket when you leave it or fall asleep! The material is soft, nice and pleasant. The heated blanket will help you rest with comfort throughout the whole night!

The size is 150x180cm. The blanket can perfectly fit a double bed and a sofa. 

MADE IN RUSSIA. Our products are designed and manufactured in Saint Petersburg. By choosing EcoSapiens products, you can always be sure of the highest quality and reliability of the manufacturer! We offer an extended warranty for 24 months in Europe.

The electric blanket is a perfect purchase for those who appreciate the sense of comfort and warmth, want to fall asleep faster and relax after a long day! Healthy night sleep will increase your performance and boost your immune system!

Main features of the heated blanket:

  • Three temperature modes
  • Cosy and soft material
  • Modern design
  • Infrared heating function
  • Automatic shut-down function – 6 Hours
  • Removable remote control
  • Hand wash is allowed
  • Made in Russia
  • Warranty for 24 months

Technical specifications:

Brand: EcoSapiens
Rated voltage 220 V
The surface heating temperature at switch position: min.18 (±5), mid. 45 (±5), max. 55 (±5)
Number of temperature modes: 3
Automatic timer: 360 minutes
Power consumption: 130W (one zone 60W, second zone 70W)
Electric shock protection class: 2
Moisture protection level: IP10 
Article: S411
Weight: ± 1.8 kg
Size: 150x180 cm, ± 5 cm
Length of wire: 1,1 (± 10 cm)
Upper material: 100% Cotton

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